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Skilled Fencing is a locally owned company driven by honesty, integrity, and quality. You will find us to be competitively priced and up-to-date with the most recent fencing designs as well as industry regulations, paying close attention to detail every time.

For us, it is not just about delivering and moving on to the next client. We always look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you after delivering 100% satisfaction.

Our commitment to our customers in is our greatest asset. With this, we continue to fly to greater heights as we continuously strive to improve what we deliver- quality for the best price possible!

We specialize in all manner of fencing services including Fence Gates, Colorbond Fencing, Timber Fencing, PVC Fencing, Stratco Fencing, and Aluminum Fencing. If you are also looking for a talented-hand to install a particular fence design you have in mind, our custom fencing experts got you covered.

At skilled Fencing, we treat every project as if it is our own. Be it residential, commercial, do-over (no matter how small), rest assured that our team will listen, supply and install exactly what you want. Should you take our word for it? Well, we are the premier fencing expert in the Brisbane & Sydney region backed by verified testimonials from our customers.

Our knowledge is your ticket to unending peace of mind

Our goal as the leading fencing contractors and suppliers in Australia is to use our extensive knowledge in the industry to help you understand your project while we comply with the existing fence installation regulations. This gives you peace of mind and also saves you money long after we install your fence.

Skilled Fencing Mission and Values

Our team will act with the utmost professionalism, pro-activeness, and passion to provide the best fencing workmanship. All our fence installation procedures are strictly guided by the following:

    • Affordable top-grade materials
    • Instant free fencing quote
    • Orientation to Quality Service
    • Highly skilled workforce
    • An eye for detail
    • Transparency
    • Completion of project guarantee
    • Full Insurance

Get a Free Fencing Quote for these Fencing Services:

      • Timber Fencing
      • Colorbond Fencing
      • Fence Gates
      • PVC Fencing
      • Stratco Fencing
      • Aluminum Fencing
      • Custom Fencing

You can get your free fencing quote by Emailing Us or Calling Us directly. Either way, we are always eager to hear from you. Our dedicated customer support team is also ready to answer any question you might have about our proposed collaboration.


Colorbond is a great option when you desire complete privacy, long lasting and a wide range of colour selections. 


A very popular option providing a practical and elegant finish. Timber fencing comes in many looks. Call today for avaialable options. 


 Aluminium fencing never rots or rusts and looks great making it a very popular solution


PVC fencing is a relative newcomer with a very long life span and stylish looks .


The name of Stratco has been around for many years proving quality steel fencing solutions. Let us use Stratco poducts to build your fence. 


Need a fence that does not fit any particular category? We would love to help with the design. Call today. 


See what our Customers have to say

"Skilled Fencing responded to my  fencing quote the very same day. The end result was high quality, very clean and I am very proud of it...Cannot recommend them highly enough."

Terry  C.

"Skilled Fencing has been very supportive of my business, in particular through some hard times when I needed affordable high-quality fencing. It's nice to know that there is someone on the other end who knows it all & can keep you on track no matter what".   

Joel A.

We are extremely impressed with the quality of work and level of professionalism delivered by Skilled Fencing who has now build  3 fences for 3 properties we have acquired. Their promptness, suggestions, and overall reliability is something to admire. Nothing is much trouble to these experts and they will keep you informed all along. Highly recommend!" 

John S.


We pride ourselves on building quality fencing projects and happy clients. 

Colorbond fencing contractors

We can build a Tinber Fence to your requirements 

Aluminium Garden Fencing

Lets design a fence you love..

PVC fencing contractors

stratco fencing contractors

custom fencing contractors


Call us today for your obligation free fencing quote. 


Have questions about your fencing requirements? See our contact us page and we will respond as soon as possible.  

Why Should you Consult Fencing Experts?

Installing a strong modern fence is not an easy task. This is, in fact, the primary reason why you should consult a fencing expert for any fencing project you have in mind.

Other reasons why you should get a fencing quote with established fencing experts like us include:

  • We have the proper tools to get the job done safely and quickly. High-quality modern fences require specific tools for safe & proper installation.
  • It’s not just about installing the fence.  There is so much that goes into fence installation. You cannot afford to ignore certain aspects such as the land grade, soil type, and long term care because it might cost you expensive alterations in the future.
Why Skilled Fencing?

Let our team of fencing contractors and experts gather all the necessary resources for installing an aesthetic brand new Fence Gate, Colorbond Fence, Timber Fence, PVC Fence, Stratco Fence, Aluminum Fence, or Custom Fence for you. You will be proud of the outcome every single day! Get your fencing quote right now for free!

Does Skilled Fencing Save you Money in the Real Sense?

At the end of the day, it is all about getting the best deal in terms of the price. That is why we decided to align our services with a cost-oriented mission: quality outcome for the best price.

As mentioned earlier, you will find that our prices are among the most competitive in the market, offering you the best deal that you can come across out there. All things considered, you will also see that our fencing services costs way less than that of installing the fence yourself over the long run. It is for this reason we have staunch DIYers preferring to let us handle supply and installation for them while they give us their recommendations for the project! 

How Much will a New Fence Cost?

The exact cost is influenced by several factors such as the type of material you choose, lay of the land and the size of your yard. Get your fencing quote with us right now to know exactly how much your new fence project will cost. 



As we pride ourselves on the use of Quality Materials and skilled and experienced fencing contractors, we can confidently guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.


Our customers have diverse needs and taste in fencing. We are fencing specialists and can meet all your fencing requirements.


With years of experience in the field, our team will give you an accurate quote during property visit.